100 Things About Me… (updated 12/6/07)

  1. I was raised Catholic
  2. My mother was Catholic… she was also extremely abusive.
  3. I now have little to no interest in the church
  4. Faith is a different story – I have faith
  5. I don’t think there is anything wrong with sitting on my ass and watching a full season of a TV show in one sitting (while knitting)
  6. and eating ice cream while I do it
  7. It’s the next day’s workout that bothers me
  8. But… I love exercising
  9. I go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week
  10. I am very suseptible to infomercials
  11. I hate mustard, pickles, mushrooms and peas
  12. I am scared I will crave these things when I am pregnant
  13. I am extremely competitive and will always try to one up you… and I am trying to stop this habit.
  14. I really REALLY dislike the phone
  15. I desparately want to get rid of my cell phone
  16. I make really good mix cds.
  17. I love Star Trek
  18. I want to go to a Star Trek convention
  19. Traveling is my passion
  20. I don’t get out of the country as much as I would like – only about every 3 years
  21. I am not good at sharing.
  22. I am completely unable to admit when I am wrong.
  23. I get really upset when people don’t pay attention to me
  24. I get flustered when people do pay attention to me
  25. I used to buy people’s friendship, none of those people turned out to be real friends.
  26. I smoked for 8 years
  27. I quit cold turkey
  28. I am now addicted to knitting
  29. I flirt too much when I’ve been drinking.
  30. I can make better chocolate chip cookies than anyone
  31. I practically force feed people when they come to my house
  32. I get offended if they don’t ask for seconds
  33. My grandmother is my hero
  34. I secretly compare calories burned with the people on cardio equipment beside me to motivate myself to be better than them
  35. I play motivational mind games like this all the time
  36. I play emotional mind games too
  37. Although I want a tattoo, I would never get one because what I want changes all the time
  38. There is very little in this world that I enjoy more than a good steak
  39. Except maybe ice cream
  40. I tell people I was thisclose to being fluent in Italian
  41. Really I was more like this       close.
  42. I used to do probably more than my share of illicit substances
  43. I still think about it fondly
  44. I would never do it again, not in a million years
  45. I like some really bad music
  46. I like some really amazing music too: Opera
  47. I like that I know how to play “old lady” card games
  48. I’ve wanted kids longer than I’ve wanted to get married
  49. I love that my mother-in-law is already buying baby clothes for our children
  50. I am a mediocre photographer with professional dreams
  51. I remember almost all of my dreams the next day
  52. I dream in bright vivid color
  53. Except when it’s a premonition – then it’s Black and White
  54. My premonitions are never really useful
  55. I was accepted to Art School
  56. I went for the money making major instead…
  57. I failed the money making major.
  58. I wouldn’t have been happy in either one.
  59. I feel VERY VERY strongly about gay rights.  I argue it openly and I don’t give a crap if you don’t agree with me.  I’ve lost friends over it.
  60. I tell it like it is. 
  61. People do not like me for that.  Supposedly it’s not nice. If you want to hear something good, then be a good person.
  62. The longest periods I go without knitting are when I am sleeping and when I am at the gym.
  63. If I could, I would knit at the gym (the Yarn Harlot advises against this)
  64. I would get alot of very strange looks
  65. I am extremely impatient
  66. I adore cooking, but I think that people lie to me when I ask them if they like it. 
  67. Even though I can’t wait to have a baby, I can’t even imagine what it will feel like, so it’s not real to me.
  68. I agree with the philisophical idea of solipsism and it scares me.
  69. Since I started knitting, I barely read anymore
  70. I miss it, though apparently not enough to do it.
  71. I have a very active imagination
  72. I think that things like the world of Harry Potter could really exist
  73. I have a very active imagination
  74. Anything is Possible
  75. I try to arrange soundtracks to enhance moments
  76. They never inspire the same feelings for other people
  77. I quote Disney movies
  78. I practiced saying “yes!” for YEARS before I was ever proposed to. Even for YEARS before I ever met Bret. 
  79. When I said “yes” it was nothing like I had expected.
  80. I get jealous over the stupidest things.
  81. I find it almost impossible to accept apologies, because I think that if someone did not mean to do or say something, then they would not have done it in the first place.
  82. I hold grudges for a long time.  A LONG LONG time.
  83. In school I wrote very well written and well researched papers
  84. I also gave very good oral presentations
  85. I have no idea how I was able to accomplish either of those.
  86. I won the school spelling bee in 5th grade
  87. I dated the captain of the baseball team in 10th grade
  88. I have a fondness for using large amounts of garlic in my cooking.
  89. I think people without a hobby are empty.
  90. I once dated someone nicknamed “The Body” – it was appropriate
  91. My husband reminds me of my father
  92. I don’t think that it’s weird. I find it comforting.
  93. I go to a specific restaurant because they have the best appetizer bread I have ever eaten. 
  94. I don’t recall ever having been bored.
  95. I am an only child, so I had to find ways to entertain myself, it has served me well.
  96. I want four children
  97. I believe 3 children produces some serious middle child syndrome.
  98. I am terrified I won’t be able to conceive
  99. I plan on trying to conceive based on horoscope of my child’s intended birth month – There will be no gemini’s in my house. Me + Gemini = bad bad bad
  100. I have deja vu all the time, they’ve lasted up to 10 minutes.

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