2008 – Some finished objects you never got to see



I actually made 2 Sheldons.  This one is for the baby – the neck is a little floppy, I might go back and fix it like I did for Sheldon version 2 – just decreased one less time from body to neck.  Worked like a charm.  Version 2 was gifted to a coworker who practically begged me for one to give to his wife.   Made in the Knit Picks Shine Sport called for of course.  I love the look and I’ll make more of these I’me sure.
Apres Surf Hoodie

Apres Surf Hoodie

I made this for my new S-I-L.  She lives in New York, so when se came home for Christmas… it was the first time I got any reference for her size other than my impression of her as SKINNY.  Well I did the smallest size, and lengthened the body and the sleeves to what I thought were appropriate.  And it was absolutely perfect.  I mean flawless on her.  It hugged just right, it didn’t ride up anywhere, the sleeves were just where she likes them, and the hood… well… that pretty decorative anyway,  but I did deepen it a little bit and it makes it more functional.
Knitted with Knit Picks Gloss, on 3’s and 2’s as called for.  Gauge was spot on, and I enjoyed the lace pattern for the most part.  But… on the edges for the increases it could get a little hairy here and there.
Muir Shawl

Muir Shawl

This was supposed to be completed for our wedding.  Our theme, had peacock feathers and I thought this was just right, not overly peacock, useful for multiple occassions… etc.   Well… as is a knitters tradition, this was indeed NOT completed in time as the wedding was May 24th.  This was only completed on December 22nd.  Just a little past due.  But it made for a fantastic Christmas present since the color was a forest green and it was wrapped with a red raffia ribbon.
Knitted with Colrain Lace from Webs on US 6’s.  No mods, except for the occassional forgotten picot stich on the edge.
Miss Marigold

Miss Marigold

I love this sweater.  And this picture (Used with permission from Stewart at The Yarn Lounge)  Is the best picture of me in it!   Pre baby picure (by only 2 weeks!) I’ll have to wait a while before I fit into this one again since it’s not a very stretchy yarn and I really don’t want to compromise the integrity of the sweater. 
Knitted with Jo Sharp Silkroad DK tweed which I had been lusting after for a great long while before I finally caved with some wedding money which was specifically given to me for a yarn purchase, by my new grandmother in law.  How lucky am I?
Leaf Lace Kimono

Leaf Lace Kimono

This was an unusual project for me honestly.  And I didn’t even like this pattern when I first saw it in Interweave.  But it makes for a super cute little sweater.  It’s surprisingly warm considering it’s an all over lace, but I suppose given that it is Alpacas and Silk, it really shouldn’t be such a surprise.  It’s pretty flattering, and in my favorite color.  I’ve gotten many compliments on it.  I think If I were to do it again, I would make it a bit longer, maby an inch or so.   I felt like it would pull up and expose my belly too much the way it is, so I self consiously tug on the front alot.  It probably ruins the look a little bit.
Knitted with Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca and Silk on US 6’s
And ummm… that’s all that I have pictures of.  There is one thing I made, which has gotten much use… the Cardigan for Arwen.  Many compliments on that, some requests (turned down… who has time to knit other people [work people at that] sweaters for their girlfriends…)  I still have no pictures of that.  This post may be updated at some point with that, but probably a separate one in the future sometime. 
 There were a couple of other things in there, but most of them were given away before I got around to photographing them.  

~ by Brandy on July 17, 2009.

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