It’s a Girl!

And she is just so cute I can’t stand it. Get ready for the picture extravaganza!

Profile - 20 weeks
Profile – 20 weeks

I am awake at 4:30 in the morning because of her kicking me like crazy, but I’m okay with that…

Face - 20 weeks

Face - 20 weeks


We opened the envelope on Christmas morning.  And we were actully very surprised  to discover we were having a baby girl.  We had convinced ourselves the little wiggler was a boy.   The ultrasound tech said “he” and my mother-in-law who was with us for the ultrasound appt and found out that day… said “he” a few days later.  We had a boy name picked out and everything.


—————–Please note… I had to stop here and continue the next day because my dear husband was complaining that the typing in ANOTHER ROOM was keeping him awake… I told him that he should try sleeping with someone kicking him for 2 hours.———————

Teeny Baby Feet - 20 weeks

Teeny Baby Feet - 20 weeks

 Once we had opened the envelope, we looked at each other and said “Oh… it’s a girl.”  And we were definitely not disappointed, Bret wanted a girl from the beginning, and I really had no strong feelings either way… But it was a bit of a shock after we had it settled in our minds, you know.


Little Crossed Legs - Already Modest 🙂

But now, we are so happy.  We talk to her,  I sing to her,  I poke her back a little when she’s kicking, just to give her some interaction.   I’ve queued up a great many little girly items to knit, and I’m excited that I can do little frilly things.  Though not too frilly, as that is really not my style, and I am very into green right now, so I’m staying pretty gender neutral.  But oh… the lace.  I am definitely excited to do some lacy things.
Ribs and Brain

Ribs and Brain

So that’s our little girl.  At the appointment they said that she weighed about 12 ounces… so now about 4 weeks later, she’s over a pound!  That is amazing to me.

~ by Brandy on December 31, 2008.

7 Responses to “It’s a Girl!”

  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful! Well done you!

  2. Congrats! I had no idea! Hope to see you soon!!!

  3. Congratulations! I have my ultrasound on Thursday, so I’ll find out what I’m having then. I don’t do well with surprises, and I’m not patient, so I can’t wait to find out what it will be!

  4. Congratulations!!!!

  5. congratulations to you! That’s so exciting

  6. Do you have a name picked out for the girl yet??

  7. Congratulations!

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