KICK starting the excitement!

So, the day after my last post… the baby started kicking me.  It was so beyond glorious that I can’t even describe my emotions.  Of course I had felt some movemnt in there before, but this was an honest to goodness kick (or a punch). 

Every time a kicking spell would happen I’d grab Bret’s hand to feel it, and of course… it would cease immediately. But about a week and a half later, he did finally feel it, and his face just lit up.  Now he’s all motivated to start with the nursury.  I sweetly reminded him that if we are going to start on the nursery, then we NEED to finish the basement first.  Stuff in the nursery room can’t go anywhere but the basement, and as the basement is in it’s current and seemingly everlasting state of disarray… it needs to be remedied before we start putting things down there.

Plus the extra living space is always a good idea when another human being will be living in it.

Now, I eagerly announce every kicking session to anyone that will listen, whether they’ve grown bored of my announcements or not.

I’m overdue for another belly shot, but I keep forgetting.  Kind of like how I forget that cheerios are supposed to go in my bowl of milk, and not in my glass of water.  Or like how I drive all the way to work, but forget my security badge to get in, and have to drive all the way home… just to discover that like almost every other day, my badge is buried at the bottom of my purse.


I have been knitting!  I finished all the knitting on the Apres Surf hoodie for my SIL. and it’s gorgeous.  I have to sew on the second sleeve, block the hood, and I’ll be done… I’ve even woven in all the ends (except for the ones coming from the sewing of course). 

My Tangled Yoke is done, except I need to sew up the underarms and block it

And I never did show you guys the Cardigan for Arwen…


~ by Brandy on December 15, 2008.

One Response to “KICK starting the excitement!”

  1. Haha! I can totally relate to the cheerios in the wrong place! The other day I went to work in my slippers and didn’t have time to go home, so I wore them all day! I haven’t gotten to the kick part yet, just started feeling the flutters

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