Absentee blogger

I haven’t been around the last two days because I’m training at my new job (!) For probably the next 2 weeks I’ll be training… maybe less.  It depends on how quickly I pick everything up.  It’s soooo much info, but I think I’m getting it all.  Anyhoo… I’m still knitting.  I would be done with the Lotus Blossom tank, but I got everything done except the arm hole finishing and blocking of course, and then tried it on, and it’s too big!  Even though I did the size smaller than I am!  Why does this keep happening?   My gauge is even tighter than called for!  I’m still going to finish it, but now it’s being repurposed to gift status, for my mother-in-law to be.  She’ll like it, it’s just her style.I’m working on Muir, and I don’t think that I’ve ever worked on something that has required so much undivided attention.  I can’t even talk and work on it at the same time.  I can have the TV on, but I’m not aware of what’s going on.  Sometimes, I even have to pause what I’m watching, because the noise distracts me.  I’m only to row 23 (of 32) of the 1st (of 13) pattern repeats!  It’s been days. Lenore continues to languish, although I have now completed the heel flap.   I know, it’s been many posts now without pictures.  Bret stole the camera 2 weeks ago to take it to Florida, and he has yet to remove it from his car.  And I don’t think about it at night since I can’t take good pics then anyway.  Plus it’s been so gloomy in Virginia, that you probably couldn’t see the gorgeous colors I’m working with.  It’s quality not quantity here at chez purlparables.Once my regular work schedule kicks in I’ll be here all morning every morning, so it’ll be daylight pictures galore! 


~ by Brandy on February 26, 2008.

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