A Shawl Showdown!

Wow, I may have only gotten 2 comments with shawl ideas, but they were great suggestions.

 Suzanne suggested the gorgeous Kiri, one I already had in my queue, but had somehow passed over as a contender.  Tempting, tempting indeed.

And Steph (I think… all I have for sure is the screen name “whoneedsgauge”) suggested the Pretty as a Peacock shawl.  This one is also gorgeous, and I fully intend to make it at some point. But I don’t think it would tickle my grandmother as much as it does me.  (I am just the slightest bit obsessed with peacocks right now.)

I was going to wait for more suggestions. I know I’m not the most prolific blogger, so I knew I would have to wait around for my other readers.  But I was doing that Ravelry thing… You know, that thing where you go to check out “JUST one yarn honey, and then you can have the computer back, promise!”

I got around to the pattern browser and started checking out the recent pattern submissions in various categories, when I stumbled across Muir.  You know the one… from Knitty.  It was the cover featured pattern in the latest issue.  

And I thought… “That’s it!”  It’s definitely reminiscent of peacock feathers, and yet has the subtlety to be worn with anything without having an assumed theme.  



And so… it begins! 


~ by Brandy on February 23, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Shawl Showdown!”

  1. You did it! That is absolutely the perfect choice! How did I forget that one? And it may be simple enough to knit KINDA quickly….

    Brilliant work! You get a gold star today.

    I do that sometimes, muddle around, no project seems quite right and then BANG it appears.

    Cannot wait to see it….but no pressure

  2. I missed your request for shawl ideas. I know you have THE one now but check out Moonlight Sonata. It is a free pattern at elann.com and a lovely design. I made one last summer and really enjoyed it. You can see mine in my Ravelry projects.

  3. Hi 🙂 Haven’t popped over to your blog for ages – sorry! I’ve just started Kiri – it’s my first attempt at laceweight. Not going too badly so far. I was using a regular addi turbo but it wasn’t pointy enough – my lace addi arrived yesterday and it’s SO much better (although I have to try not to pushthetip of the needle with my finger – bad habit – OUCH!).

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