I feel so special!

So the other day, a co-worker found out that I was a knitter.  And I got to show off. You know how I love to show off my knits!  So I showed here some things on my ravelry and right here on this little bloggy thing.  She was impressed and expressed a desire to learn.  Well, at that point we were interrupted by work stuff… how dare that work stuff!

Yesterday, a different co-worker asked if I sold any of the items I made.  I said, “No, not commercially, but I’d be happy to knit something for you if you pay for the yarn.”  So she requested the Ribbed Shrug and the Aamu sweater.  And she still wants them after I estimated about $80 cost for the Aamu! 

I am so flattered by this I can’t even really put it into words.  She’s supposed to be getting back to me today with her measurements, at which time I suppose I’ll be going into production mode. 

I feel a bit guilty charging any more than the cost of the yarn, but I suppose I have every right to, since I am putting my time into it, right?  What would you charge for commissioned pieces?  The Aamu took me a little over a week to make.  How much is my knitting time worth?


~ by Brandy on February 22, 2008.

One Response to “I feel so special!”

  1. If they are your patterns, you should definitely charge for your time! My knitting teacher charges $20/hr to teach…. I just know that no matter what you charge, it won’t be enough.

    After I knitted the Berroco Lorraine purse, I got 12 requests from people who told me they would pay me to make them one. Considering how much purses go for, I could have made some good money. But I had to tell them that it’s illegal for me to make any money on copyrighted patterns that I didn’t write.

    I wish I knew how to write patterns. But I’m still learning how to knit, follow a pattern, etc. Maybe one day. It is totally cool that people liked your knitting so much that they wanted you to make them things. I’m not surprised. You have mad knitting skillz.

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