Is it just me?

On Knitting Daily, which I’m sure many of you get, they are having a poetry contest…

How much fun is that?

I already have 2 poems.

I went to check out the rules to see if I could even submit more than one (but I don’t actually remember getting my answer… oh well, easy enough to look again…) And I saw the prizes!


  • First prize: receives their original, winning poem knit into a pair mittens. The pattern will be offered on
  • Second prize: a three-year subscription to Interweave Knits
  • Third prize: the spring 2008 knitting book collection from Interweave Press

Awesome prizes I think…

Except,  I really would prefer the second and third prizes to the first prize any day.  I can make my own mittens, with stuff in my stash even…  What I can’t do (at least right now, or for the next 6 months or so) is buy any of these books and magazines they speak of.

I want 2nd or 3rd prize!  How do I make that happen?


~ by Brandy on February 20, 2008.

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