Five for Friday

  1. I have recently discovered the joys of soy milk, after resisting lo these many years.  And I now get unlimited amounts of happiness just from drinking a glass.  It just tastes so freakin’ good.  I actively try to convert everyone from regular milk to soymilk now.  If you’ve come in my house lately, I’ve probably made you drink some.
  2. I love cooking savory hearty foods this time of year.  My favorites are pot roast, baked cheesy pasta dishes and lately… Osso Bucco (mmmm)
  3. I used to have major problems with spending money.  In the last 2 months I have been so thrifty and stingy because of the wedding, that I now get a high when I successfully resist a purchase.  Even if it’s a semi necessary one.  For instance… Bret wanted to go grocery shopping the other day (about a week ago).  We were lower on food than I think he’s ever seen it.  I always keep everything on hand.  I talked him out of it, and was able to cook dinners with just what we had for another 5 days.  I could have done it for another 3 or 4, but I didn’t want to hear him whine anymore.
  4. Being the avid blog reader/obsessive knitter that I am, I read Brooklyntweed on a regular basis.  More regularly when he used to post more regularly, of course…  And I noticed that he always listed his start and finish dates for a project.  Ever since then I’ve been keeping track of how long it takes me to complete a project.  I actually tend to finish things very quickly.  I am also generally a monogamous knitter.   If im not, I’m careful to let people know that I was working on other things while this project was bing completed and that’s why it took so long!  It sounds like I feel bad that my beautiful handknits actually take time to make.  But it’s really more due to the fact that I’m always playing mind games with myself.
  5. I get upset when people don’t give me yarn/knitting related items for presents.  It’s all I want or ask for, and yet I still tend to recieve things like… ugly christmas hand towels, chocolate oranges (blech) and boxes of crackers (wtf? Who gives someone a box of crackers for Christmas?)

This is not a meme… I just had some things I wanted to say.


~ by Brandy on February 1, 2008.

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