Half Half Done

half half done

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I’m a little bit surprised at how quickly this is going, considering it took like 5 whole hours of my time to do the corrugated ribbing. I’m now about 5 rows past the thumb gore and of course have now spotted a glaring mistake. I see exactly why it happened, but still.

I seriously considered ripping out the whole darn thing (except the ribbing) and redoing it. Then I decided I could easily duplicate the mistake on the other mitten and it would ultimately never bother me.

The problem? On the chart where you start increasing for the thumb gore, Eunny had highlighted the spot where you do the increases. The highlighting is placed over a column of the CC stitches. I thought that this meant that in place of the CC stitches you do the thumb gore. That makes sense right?

If you think like me… then you would be wrong!

And you probably wouldn’t notice the mistake until you were done with the thumb gore and just working on the main section, and thinking to yourself… “Well, this isn’t symmetrical… There’s a whole nice frame to the pattern around all the other edges… I wonder what happened here.”

And then you would study the chart and see that there is indeed supposed to be that CC color column to frame the main stranded pattern.

And then you would increase one in order to accomodate this newfound missing stitch. And wonder why that missing stitch hadn’t affected the rest of the work you had done.

And then…

You would remember on that very first row of the pretty swirly pattern, where you got to the end and said ” I have an extra stitch here… Oh well…. I’ll just K2tog.”

And then you decide to go on ravelry and look at other peoples Anemoi’s and see if anyone did the same thing. And you realize that you are the only stupid knitter in the world. And that’s OK. Because there is no way that the minor, already fixed, and clearly not glaringly obvious mistake (if not to you, then definitely not to non-knitters) is going to ruin your mitten-y fun.


~ by Brandy on January 31, 2008.

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