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Anemoi cuff

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I bought this pattern from Eunny about a year ago and it’s been at the tippy top of my list of to-do’s ever since.

Unfortunately other projects and things came between us. Warm weather, sweaters, holiday knitting. You understand.

Well, now I have this lovely (perfect, smooshy, velvety soft, glorious) yarn which should be just the right amount to make these.

It seems the stars have aligned. Who am I to ignore them?

I love when I get to do new techniques in a project. This one features Corrugated Ribbing. A very pretty look, which I know Eunny must be very very fond of, since she’s used it in many of her recent projects. Does she knit English Style?

I ask because… I do not. Continental all the way for me. I see you english knitters out there and it boggles my mind. The motions you go through just don’t click with me. And those of you who can do both are like people who speak 2 languages perfectly fluently (3 if you count your spoken language… 4 if you speak 2 languages!) I envy you.

As I was working diligently on my corrugated ribbing last night, I realized it was a major major pain in my ass to purl with that CC. I was wondering if it’s a pain to do corrugated ribbing english style.

Anybody? Is Corrugated meant for English style, or am I just KD (knit disabled)?


~ by Brandy on January 30, 2008.

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