FO: Placket Neck Baby Sweater

Source: LMKG
Yarn: Lion Brand Organic Cotton 2.9 balls
Needles: US 7 circs
Cast on: 1/8/08
Cast off: 1/28/08
Mods: CO for smallest size, Gauge worked to dimensions of 4th size up – modified length of body and sleeves to 4th size. It ended up being a toddler size. I also put in buttonholes, because I wanted to actually use buttons rather than beads. I thought that beads would be totally obscured by the comparitively bulky yarn.

It’s really just so so cute. And It seems that I’m now making things not for my future babies, but for my future toddlers. I think I’m going to get those woven leather buttons for the placket. It’ll give it a nice Irish look I think, which should go well with my future red headed babies. I can dream right?

I have another ball of yarn left over. I think I’ll do matching socks and a hat, and then NEVER EVER use this yarn again.

The yarn is sooo deliciously soft. And soooo amazingly linty. Every time I worked on this piece, I got this not so thin layer of lint all over me. I felt like I was hacking up hairballs most of the time due to the fibers getting in my throat. Lovely, truly. Before I ever put this on a child, I’ll wash it a couple times to see if the linty-ness calms down some. We don’t want babies coughing up cotton hairballs around here.

Pics of other FO’s are forthcoming. If we ever get a sunny day around here. I’ll be taking more pics of this later on, in non-office-flourescent lighting.

In wedding news:
The bridesmaid dresses and wedding party tuxes have been picked out. Yippeeeeeee. We picked up Bret’s wedding band, and it’s so perfect for him, and big enough to see clearly. Stay away ladies! That skinny redhead is MINE! Me likey.

Oh and cross your fingers for me… a new job might be in the works.

~ by Brandy on January 29, 2008.

One Response to “FO: Placket Neck Baby Sweater”

  1. It’s gorgeous! I like the idea of the leather buttons.

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