It’s multiplying!

My WIP list is longer than it’s been in over a year! I have 5 6 WIPs!

  • The still unlined (even though I bought fabric) Square Cake bag*
  • The Anais sweater (blocking and waiting for the sleeves to be sewn on)**
  • Placket Neck Sweater from LMKG – I need another set of size 7 needles for the sleeves
  • Hourglass (revived from a long hibernation, I had to rip out all of what I had done on the yolk and half the sleeves, and I have to finish it before it hits the 1 year mark…. plus… I need the size 7 needles it’s on for the Placket Neck Sweater)
  • Mitred Square Baby blanket (just whenever I get around to making more squares… minor setback being that I decided to do it on 2’s rather than 1’s…  there go 4 squares)
  • I suppose I have to mention the wavy lace scarf… I don’t want to rip it out because it’s pretty… but it’s been OTN for about 2 years now.

Also… I would like to say that I am downright sick of this unseasonably warm weather!  It is January for crying out loud and I want a reason to wear my myriad sweaters and mitts and hats and scarves!  Every time it’s too warm to be considered winter, I think of THIS.

* So, about the Square Cake bag…. It’s pretty, but I don’t know how much I like it.  I would totally just count it as done, but I don’t really like the way it drapes… and the handles are too long, I think.  I’m hoping that the lining will give it the structure and the fullness I think it needs to be a good looking bag. 

**Anais: Oh how I love thee… from the glorious inset motif, to the super soft yarn I chose, I don’t think I could love this sweater more.  But, the other night when I was working on sewing the motif into the front, I had a sneezing fit- no more than that, I had a full on allergy attack, my face is still puffy.  I felt like I had fibers tickling my nose and throat.  I’ve never had any problems with alpaca before, but if I’m allergic to this gorgeous sweater and yarn, I may just die.


~ by Brandy on January 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “It’s multiplying!”

  1. 6 isn’t bad at all. And things could always be worse. The Ravelry link to this post doesn’t show the 5 crossed out, so it looks like you have 56 WIPs. Now that would be excessive!

  2. I, too, hate unseasonably warm winter weather. I think I want to move to Maine….

    Damn that Al Gore for giving us global warming! 😉

  3. Oh, my… I hope it was just a random coincidence (the sneezing fit, I mean)! Can’t wait to see your Anais : )

  4. You say Six as if it was a PROBLEM! 😉

  5. I’m having a UFO problem… only 2 WIPs rigt now (yet another pair of Fuzzy Feet and a crochet scarf), but there’s the Dad Sweater. Had I remembered how much I dislike seaming in reverse stockinette, I would have reversed the pattern and done the big portions in stockinette. Oh well, live and learn.
    Good luck with the WIP finishing!

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