Speak of the Devil…

Just this very day, our beloved Yarn Harlot has spoken again of the virtues of wool.  The point that pleased me particularly was her mention that wool is flame retardant, and acrylic is not.  This is by no means the first time she has mentioned it, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.   If I had taken time out of my day I may have realized this all by my lonesome, but as it happens, I hadn’t done that at any point.  So thank goodness the Harlot had pointed that out to all of us baby gear knitters out here in the knitting blogosphere.

I bring this up because I wanted to tell you about a story a non-knitter had told me very recently.  I say I’m telling you about the story rather than telling you the story because, the story is so not the point here (also… I don’t remember the actual story). 

This male (stubborn) non-knitter (non-understander) who maybe has SOME control issues (if you’re reading this… I still love you!) told me a story about a girl he knew who was doing something, and somehow a spark landed on her WOOL sweater and she went up in flames.  (I think he may have been exxagerating about the flames… Otherwise… it is totally a tragic story and he would be heartless for laughing).  I quickly and authoritatively informed him that it could absolutely not have been a wool sweater since wool is flame retardant and it [the spark] would have fizzled out almost as soon as it hit her sweater. 

He was not having it at all (and me being the gracious hostess I am… didn’t pursue the non-knitter’s incorrect assumptions that he knew all there was to know about wool).  He did in fact insist that baby items were knitted in acrylic because they were flame retardant and that he thought I had confused the two.  I desparately wanted to inform him that of course yarn makers who sell arcylic as baby yarn just don’t care about a yarn’s flame retardant qualities because it is so much cheaper than bothering with wool.

But you and I know the truth…. and I’ll never knit his children anything out of acrylic, just in case he thinks it’ll be the safest thing to dress them in on cold nights by the fire.


~ by Brandy on January 7, 2008.

One Response to “Speak of the Devil…”

  1. a seriously misinformed non-knitter. here’s hoping you sent him a link to the Yarn Harlot’s article….

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