FO: Bellatrix Socks

Pattern: Bellatrix Socks
Source: Monkey Toes
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts
Color: “Flower Power”
Needles: US 1 dpns (2)
CO: 12/28
BO: 12/31

I started out doing the pattern just as written.  After 4 pattern repeats and hoping against hope… it became very clear to me that the dreaded BMFA pooling was trying to sabotage me.  One side of the socks was primarily the fuschia color and the other side was blue and tan.  So. not. good. 

I tried it on, and just as the reviews said… very stretchy. So stretchy in fact that I knew I could take a bunch of stitches out of the pattern and it would still fit with no problem at all. I hoped that this would solve the pooling problem.

So… here are the mods I made:

  • After the 60 stitch twisted rib cuff, I decreased 3 stitches (evenly) on each needle.  54 stitches remainining.
  • row 3: *yo, k1, yo twice, k1, yo 3 times, k1, yo twice, k1, yo, k5*
  • row 7: *k4, yo, k1, yo twice, k1, yo 3 times, k1, yo twice, k1, yo,k1*

You are probably wondering why I k4, instead of k5 on row 7.   I tried that, and it didn’t look like the dropped stitches were centered between the dropped stitches in row 3. 

You may think differently, and I would encourage you to try both to see what you think.


~ by Brandy on January 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “FO: Bellatrix Socks”

  1. They look fantastic! Love the colors!

  2. Ah, the dreaded pooling problem- but looks like you found a great solution. They look amazing!!!

  3. Love the socks — they show off that yarn perfectly. 🙂

  4. I think the yarn works spectacularly well with the pattern – lovely!

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