The things I’ve done

I completed alot(!) of knitting projects in 2007 – 41 projects to be exact. 42 if you count the little Christmas ornament sweater I did. The Bellatrix socks were finished at 10 pm on December 31st.  Just in time to try to get myself some sock mojo for the new year.

In those 42 projects there were

  • 14 pairs of socks (I never did stick with that 52 pair plunge thing.  I did in fact declare my hatred of the act of sock knitting on more than one occassion.  I will continue to knit socks.  There is nothing better than putting on your brand new finished pair.)
  • 10 sweaters/shirts – I was especially proud of this boom in wearable /seeable knitting.   I LOVE making sweaters.  LOVE.
  • 6 headbands/hats – Where did all of these go? I can never seem to find any when I need them.
  • 4 pairs of mittens or mitts.  – These are so fun and quick.  And make great Christmas gifts! I’m gonna do the anemoi ones this winter for sure.  For me… because none of the 4 pairs were for myself, and my hands are cold!
  • only 3 shawls/ scarves:  I still love and wear the pocket scarf I made in my first year of knitting.  And I just can’t stand doing rectangles anymore.   I plan on doing a couple of shawls this winter/spring because I want the MIL’s and GMIL’s to wear them at the wedding.  (I haven’t mentioned anything because I don’t want to feel guilty if I don’t get around to it.  I have less than 5 months after all.)
  • A couple of single items: The Not so Indigo Ripples skirt (A ROARING success!) The Hemlock Blanket (I will forever HATE this with a passion.  I am the only one.) The Square Cake Bag (I consider it finished although it remains unlined. ) Saartje’s Booties (Bandwagon anyone?)

I designed 2 projects this year.

Hot Ears Headband.  I like it… although it doesn’t seem to be too popular.

Herringbone Fingerless Mitts – it’s been queued up about 60 times… only 5 pairs made.  2 by me.  I’m still hopeful.

In non knitting recaps: 

I failed to lose 15 pounds despite having been engaged for almost a year now and knowing I don’t want fat arms in my wedding pictures.  I did in fact gain 10 pounds since this time last year.  I’m still wearing the same pants though, so I hope it’s all muscle.  Luckily my face looks thinner… or so I’m told.

I try to keep up the actual running in my workout routine.  It comes in fits and I’ll run everyday for 2 weeks and then not again for 2 months.   See more about this in tomorrow’s post.

I tried to be less of a bitch – and only moderately succeeded (Thanks stupid horrible job I had for 6 months).

I had already given up smoking (3 years ago last Dec. 19th!) but it remains a yearly goal to not smoke.  I did have a couple of puffs this year and I do regret them.  But in my defense I don’t actually remember them because I was that drunk. (I should try to not drink so much in the coming year… And to think, I’ve already cut back ALOT)


~ by Brandy on January 2, 2008.

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