Can’t Write… Knitting!

This is gonna be quick. 

So… I was not crazy about one of the Socks that Rock shipments that came out.  It was the Summer of Love Sock pattern/Flower Power colorway.  I just thought the pattern was soooo hippie-like.  Although I suppose that was the intention.  The pattern looked as if it were made to wear with birkenstocks or big heavy clogs.   Neither of which I wear would be caught dead in. 

But I held onto it.   I like the colors well enough.  Fuschia, aqua, rusty browns.  All very nice, but finding a suitable pattern would be difficult. 

Well… I found one. 


It’s actually been in my queue for some time, but I never thought of what yarn to use for it. 

Then, I had an itch to do a stripey sock… but not just any boring stripey sock, I wanted to use those super bright BMFA colors!  After reviewing many sock patterns and then remembering I had some in my queue as well, I found the Bellatrix pattern, and this big honkin’ light bulb went off over my head.  The bulgy (?) parts of this pattern would highlight the gorgeous colors of this yarn!  And since the color runs are fairly short, they would be set off quite nicely by the contrasting colors that would surround them.

I cast on this morning at work…

I am now 4 pattern repeats in.

It’s not that I’ve been neglecting my work, because I haven’t.  I’ve just been knitting on this faster than I’ve ever knit anything in my life.  This sock is just FLYING off the needles.

-K Bye!


~ by Brandy on December 27, 2007.

One Response to “Can’t Write… Knitting!”

  1. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it looks — can’t wait to see a picture!

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