I did finish all my Christmas Knitting!

Well at least everything that had to be done by Christmas!  I have unofficial Christmas knitting for people I won’t be seeing for a while.  Staggered Christmas is a good thing.

I finished those Bird in Hand Mittens for my future Mother-in-law.  They went over VERY well.

I finished a pair of my Herringbone Mitts for my future Sis-in-law.  Also, VERY well recieved. (I forgot to take a picture of these before I gave them to her… but I’m sure I’ll see her before she heads back to New York.   It’s unfortunate because they are SO MUCH BETTER than my original ones.  The yarn is better (softer, warmer, stretchier) and the pattern is shown off to it’s very best in the colors I chose.  I’m going to change the pattern pics to the pics of this pair, here and on Ravelry. )

I finished simple but manly Noro Mittens for the future Father-in-law.  He said they were manly! 

And I gave my future grandmother-in-law the Icaraus Shawl I knitted in Fall ’06.  I didn’t wear it enough to do it justice, and I know she’ll just LOVE it.  She did in fact wear it the rest of the evening.

I also sent off the Hemlock Blanket for my grandmother.  It’ll be a nice lap blanket for when she’s playing bridge with her  friends. 

 I have a couple more projects to do for other people… But at all the different Christmas celebrations I worked on my Conwy’s.  2 months in the making.  I’ll finish them today for sure.  I’m halfway through the toe decreases, and if I don’t finish them today, I’ll forever be the knitter who couldn’t. Maybe not that dramatic, but really… it’s not like it’s a hard pattern or anything.  Just AGAIN with the sock problem. 

Come to think of it… I have a dear friend who loves purple and would love some hand knitted socks… And, she’s the same size as me. 

What do you know… another Christmas knitting project done!


~ by Brandy on December 26, 2007.

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