Best Articles Ever

A non knitting male friend of mine sent me the following 2 links:

Sock Wars

Sock it to Me

 Go ahead read them… I’ll be here when you get back.

I had seen something on someone’s blog earlier this year about Sock Wars but since there were no details about what they were (and since I’m a huge nerd) I thought it has something to do with Star Wars.  

I would totally lose, but it would still be fun. 

I bet my friend Taylor (blogless… so sad) would be really good at this though.  She seems the type to be motivated by this type of competition and it bodes well for her that she just finished her first sock ever in just 3 days!  I’ve been knitting for years (ok, just three but still) and have made lots of socks… and still the fastest I ever finished them was a week.  I think that since she was unsure of construction and had to rip back a couple times, that she’ll have finished the second one in less time than the first.  5 days or 5.5 days tops!  For a pair!  She’s a natural.  I’m so proud. 

And what did she choose for her first sock pattern?  The infamous Monkeys.  Now, it’s not a difficult pattern, but for a first timer who’s never done a sock, lace, or worked on such small needles, it’s a big undertaking.  In addition to that, she’s not using dpns, and has had to translate the pattern for 2 circs.  I am amazed.  My first socks looked NOTHING like hers.  Mine were too short in the heel and in the foot length (impatience), the heel had holes (inexperience), and the grafted toe… had pointy ends.   Hers is flawless. 

She’s on Ravelry now though, and once we get her set up with a flickr account you’ll be able to see them.  And her FO of my Herringbone mitts.  She was first to complete them after I published the pattern!

And when she came to stay with us for the holiday… She didn’t know what to knit, so she brought her whole stash! It fits in her laundry bag, but considering she’s only been knitting for 2 months… it’s already a good sized stash.

In the week she’s been here, we’ve been to 2 LYS’s and she’s put away a couple more.

And what am I knitting?  Bird in the Hand Mittens for my future Mother-in-Law.   And they are stunning.  But either Kate Gilbert knits really tightly or I knit really loose.  I had to move to size 1 needles to get gauge for the medium size.  Size 1 needles on worsted weight yarn?  My hands are begging for mercy.  Especially after the estonian braids.


~ by Brandy on December 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Best Articles Ever”

  1. I saw mention of that Sock Wars article on Ravelry. Written up in the WSJ — that’s prestigious! Love your mittens. Can’t imagine knitting worsted weight yarn w/ size 1’s, but it will make a nice, dense (warm) mitten. What a wonderful gift!

  2. Ooh, your mittens are amazing! I hear you on the tiny needles/cause of early arthritis pain.

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