The Square Cake pictures…

I told you I would have pictures, and I do.
I didn’t say anything about GOOD pictures now did I?

Really… All I have to say about this is, “Sparkles!”


It’s not dry yet.  It’s been blocking since Sunday.   I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s double thickness.  But have no fear, I wouldn’t dream of pulling silk off the blocking board until it’s bone dry.  That’s just foolish.

It occured to me the other day that I have less than 2 weeks til Christmas.  I have altered my gift giving plans to give away previously knitted things I don’t use, rather than knitting new things.  And yet, I continue to work on Anais. 

Part of this problem could be the severe lack of money that seems to be plaguing the house.  Payday doesn’t come until friday and while Bret was gone over the weekend I ate dry cereal, ramen noodles (blech) and literally ate handfuls of shredded cheese (because we were out of block and sliced cheese).  Meanwhile he’s blowing his cash in NYC.  I suppose I could have asked him to leave me some money, but I have my pride dammit.  And It was kind of fun to see if I could just go without.  Technically I wouldn’t have starved for weeks just eating the extras we have around the house, so I wasn’t worried. 

Boy, I really make it sound like I’m destitute don’t I?  One (more) good thing about knitting is that it really distracts you from other stuff (like eating).  The whole “just one more row” thing, can end up putting off hunger for hours!  It’ll be the new diet craze! Spread the word! Knit to lose weight!


~ by Brandy on December 12, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Square Cake pictures…”

  1. The bag looks wonderful… but please eat some real food soon!

  2. That’s looking very pretty. And as long as their is peanut butter in the house, a person can’t starve. (Ask me how I know.) 😉

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