What’s up with that?

Is Ravelry screwy for anyone else?  How am I supposed to get my yarny fix when the formatting is all a-jumble?

I’m almost done with the back of Anais.  Yesterday I said I was working on the front.  I was wrong.  I kept waiting to split the front for the neckline… and thenit just never happened.  I realized I was working the back.  I am so silly.

Now That I see the Central Park Hoodie, I really want to make one.  thanks Knitting Daily… Like I don’t have a long enough queue as it is.  There was always so much hype about this that I think I subconsciously tried to avoid actually seeing it.  And that really did work…  Until now.  I have LOTS of yarn in my stash.  I even have lots of Aran weight yarn in my stash.  I just don’t have enough, in one color, for the CPH.  Maybe if I held a sport weight double?  Or if I did a larger size in a dk? It’s like I’ve lots all memory of the other stuff I wanted to make.  I still have to do Christmas presents. 

I am so easily swayed.


~ by Brandy on December 11, 2007.

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