It is a rare day…

…when I not only have actual real pictures to show you of FOs and WIPs, but also a new project I am totally dying to cast on for!

Without further ado:
Behold, a finished christmas present!

Well not in this picture…. but it really is finished. I named it “Triple Ribbed for His Pleasure.” A good basic ribbed hat is something all men need. And alot of men just won’t wear cables or fair isle… so I thought that this very many 3×1 rib pattern would sooth the savage beast. I made it for a friend who had recently commented to his [brand new] wife that he needed a new beanie for winter. I told her not to buy one and that I would take care of it. et voila!

And now for some selfish knitting – Anias Mine (someone please tell me you get it…)

This is a pic of the spider web insert around the neckline. It’s gorgeous! It just makes me all warm and fuzzy looking at it. The body, however, is a whole bunch of stockinette I might show you at some point if I ever finish a whole side. I’m feeling guilty about christmas knitting, and so have allowed myself to become distracted on many a couple occassions.

And then there’s the new Knitty – I am positively in pieces over the square cake bag.  Someone up there must like me.  I had been searching for a project that would be perfect for the Disco lights in my stash.  And that little clutch in IK Holiday is nice and all, but really, it doesn’t hold a candle to the square cake. I’m thinking CHRISTMAS present for a certain someone…. I can’t really talk about it since she lurks around here sometimes.   And also one for me.  I do have 2 skeins.  It’s fate I tell ya. I will have to go get some size 5 dpns… I realized the other day I only have size 5’s  in regular straights.  THE HORROR.


~ by Brandy on December 6, 2007.

One Response to “It is a rare day…”

  1. On the hat — is that a p3,k1 ribbing, and then k3,p1 for the body? Very cool switch-up there!

    I love the new Knitty — so many pretty things in it! And a couple of the cool patterns were written by high schoolers!

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