I just knew it.

After talking typing with some of you, and hearing different suggestions for my sweater success, I decided to go back to my trusty Berroco book (The Norah Gaughan one I got the pattern for Aamu from).   I find that with her patterns I’m all or nothing.  And I had intended to make Anais from first glance, it had just slipped my mind!

And it’s just an ideal project for me.  I’m not into the big bulky pullovers this year, not really feelin’ the hoods (probably because of all the hats I’ve been making).  I’ve definitely been leaning toward layering pieces.  And Anais is definitely a layering piece.  Detailed and fun, and in the 100% alpaca I’m using, it will definitely be plenty warm.   I love that it has short sleeves, and I’ve seen a mod that flips the sleeve cap around so that it flutters rather than hugs the arm.  I’m totally doing that!  It makes it so playful!

And since it’s a relatively small priject I expect I’ll have it done in plenty of time for the holiday get togethers! 

I’m excited!  I’ll be taking pics at lunch time… I’m gonna try and get one that’s worthy of Eye Candy Friday.  The spider web insert is so pretty! And of course I was on pins and needles about the drop stitches , but as usual it turned out perfectly.

Also, I’ll have to show you the teeny sweater I made! 


~ by Brandy on November 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “I just knew it.”

  1. Looking forward to seeing your WIP and FO.


  2. Sounds great!

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