I created a monster!

A dear friend of mine was positively inspired when she saw me knitting up Bret’s Cobblestone pullover.  She had previously learned to knit and had let the activity go because of school, schedule etc.  She picked it up again after our last visit and has been on a hat jag ever since, I think she’s at 6 or 7? 

She came home for the Thanksgiving holiday and decided she wanted to jump into the knitting deep end and greatly expand her knitting repertoire by making my herringbone mitts!  This will be her first stranded colorwork project and also her first attempt at making increases!  She also hasn’t knitted on anything smaller than a size 10 US needle, so she’s feeling a bit akward with the 4’s she’s using.   But what she’s done looks gorgeous!  I’m so proud. 

Also, she’s a brave little beginning knitter, and has already ventured into the world of Knitting in Public!  She knits in her classes, at restaurants (we had many meals together over the long holiday weekend) and really anywhere she has a moment. 

I would just like to say:  **SQUEE**

I’m glad so many of you are responding to the Herringbone mitts! I’ve gotten alot of positive feedback about the look of them.  None about the actual pattern yet, as I only know of one other person (other than my own friend) who is making them.   But her pictures look good, and I’m looking forward to seeing how her mitts turn out! 

13 people on Ravelry have them in their queues and I’m just so excited to see them being made!  I think I would die of happiness if I saw someone here in Richmond walking around wearing my mitts!

Thanksgiving was a blast, all 3 times we did it.   On Saturday I cooked a meal for 12 (+ some extras who showed up) and I think it turned out to be a huge success!  It was our “Friendsgiving” and we were overjoyed to be surrounded by our closest friends.  It did get a little bit rowdy and the party didn’t even start to break up until about 3 am! 

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, and successfully managed to avoid or complete your Christmas shopping.  I know that Black Friday shopping isn’t even something that I consider doing, but I know some people who live for it!  Whichever you are, I hope it went better than you had hoped!


~ by Brandy on November 26, 2007.

2 Responses to “I created a monster!”

  1. Kudos on the success of the mitts and on enabling another new knitter! Glad you had a nice holiday. 🙂

  2. How wonderful – and your mitts are really nice!

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