It is a problem, a real problem.

So, I realized something rather important. 

You know how Grumperina said she doesn’t like knitting sweaters?  I’m assuming most of you read Grumperina’s blog…

 I LOVE knitting sweaters.  I live for a good sweater pattern!

I absolutely cannot stand knitting socks.

This is a problem because I love wearing hand knitted socks. 

I continue to knit them so that I can wear them, but it takes longer and longer for me to knit a pair because I despise it more and more. 

I am a pariah of the knitting world. 

I find that even the most eye catching/soft/awesome sock yarns and lacey complicated patterns (Love complicated patterns) are barely enough to tempt me to even cast on.  I find that the only thing that does make me cast on are the days that I want to wear some handknitted socks, and lo and behold… They’re all in the laundry. 

I am no longer ashamed!  I hate you socks! I hate you, but I will continue to knit you with all the thoughts of malice and not-so-sidelong glances at more lovely projects… because you make my tootsies all nice and warn.  The squish you provide in my every step is a pleasure unknown to the storebought socks of days past.  

Oddly enough, Second Sock Syndrome is not an affliction I have ever dealt with.

~ by Brandy on November 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “It is a problem, a real problem.”

  1. I’m not crazy about knitting socks, either- I knit too many years ago and I’m all socked out now. And I never had second sock syndrome. I live for a great sweater pattern, though! Long Live the Aweater!!

  2. If only it would be fair if you knit me sweaters and I knit you socks. But that wouldn’t be fair, unless I knit you fifty pairs of socks for every sweater you knit me. Hmmm. Hey, I had to give it a shot.

    And you’re not a parriah. If a knitter judges you, then that person is not a real knitter.

  3. lol
    I have never tried socks, I am kinda afraid to get hooked and turn away from my sweater knitting

  4. I think everyone has their preferences and also goes through phases of loving a thing and then hating a thing. I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that it’s okay if I never knit a sweater — I can still call myself a knitter (but maybe not a Knitter or a KNITTER) if I stick to smaller stuff….

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