I really do mean to write!

I’ve just been so busy!

Did I tell you that I took another job in hell, 1st level (the last was 7th level….)?  It’s practically the same job I was doing 6 months ago, but this time it’s full time with benefits and more money and I actually like it.  But it must remain labled as hell because I still want to do real estate primarily, but am unable to support myself that way at present. 

Tell people to buy houses from me.  Go… I’ll wait.


You want knitting news instead?

Ok… no progress on Conwy. I seem to have forgotten that this job does not allow time for knitting.  At least not at present.  Perhaps when the department gets back to normal and I’m reading legal documents more often I’ll be able to knit (While not looking!  I’m talented!).

Aamu is moving right along again.  I’m still having a burning hot love affair with it despite having knitted it for the second time.   I made some modifications to it to make sure that it was tighter around the midsection ribbing where it was ridiculously loose before.  (I did reknit it in the size smaller than I originally made it… even though that was a size smaller than my busty figure called for).  If forced to do it again I would so the same size but NOT do ANY increases for the ribbing and just keep the stitch count the same as the body.  I may even do it again at some point, I suspect that my love is not unfounded and that the sweater will reciprocate it’s love with much curve hugging.   I am suspicious of the collar though.  I was supposed to pick up 148 stitches around the neck.  First try I got 85… second try I got 160… I’m gonna go with it and hope it’s doesn’t come out all wavy, it’s just 12 stitches right?


~ by Brandy on November 9, 2007.

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