I didn’t die…

But my ear-ache, sniffly nose, aching body and disconnected brain are making me wish I had.

I don’t even remember what I last wrote about.  I missed you guys!  But since Thursday I have had about 20 total minutes to myself.  None of those were spent anywhere near a computer. 

Last Thursday, Bret and I went to the Biltmore in Asheville, N.C.  We stayed until Sunday.  I didn’t run into Mary who was there to see the Christmas lights, although I didn’t really expect to because my time belonged to the beautiful bride.  And I was glad to give it to her.  I’ll post pictures of our trip in the next couple days, when I’ve managed to upload them and share them with some of the other guests.  It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  And although the Biltmore is on the (very) expensive side… Bret and I intend to head back there some time.  Probably for an anniversary. 

We didn’t get to do any of the activities offered together, but he and the other groomsmen went skeet shooting and went off-roading in some super cool Land Rovers.  The food was amazing (I got a recipe book!) and the wine flowed… and flowed… and flowed… I did get to have a tour of the winery and attended a wine tasting. 

I didn’t get to do that much knitting there, but I did finish the future husband socks on the 6 hour ride down there.  And I started the Conwy socks on the last day. 

For those of you who were aware of the Aamu sweater I was planning on making to wear to the wine tasting… Sadly, it didn’t make the cut.  Shortly after I arrived home on Tuesday after Knit Night at TYL, I seamed the other side of the sweater and discovered that despite my guage being spot on, and making the size smaller than indicated, the darn thing was still WAY too big.  So I ripped and started over.  I wasn’t silly enough to try to bring a sweater project with me to a place where I would have no time, so it remains unfinished at about 65% completed.

I did manage to accidentaly find the LYS in Asheville one day.  I was driving around looking for a place to buy Bret another dress shirt and there it was, sitting across an intersection from me.  Of course I had to go in as it was named “Yarn Paradise” and I would have to say it was!  A whole wall of Noro.  Another of Debbie Bliss, and Koigu overflowed from baskets.  Apparently there was an upstairs, I didn’t make it up there as I realized I was running late. I petted a large skein of lace weight in a navy blue… but I didn’t purchase anything.  In the 10 minutes or so I was there I was never even greeted except by a nod when I excitedly said “Hi! I was driving around and it was like I was drawn here!” I was surprised by the lack of excitement, especially since we were surrounded by so much cheerful yarn!

I’ll post more later, with pictures!

~ by Brandy on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “I didn’t die…”

  1. Sorry we missed each other at Biltmore and Yarn Paradise. I’m guessing that they get so many wide-eyed tourists in their shop that they’re a little blase’ about us anymore, but, I also think it depends on who is working. One gal was very friendly to me, the other, only mildly so, although she did run and find me a pattern I was asking about. They were actually fairly busy. I did go upstairs — many many storage shelves with bags of yarn, (Noro, Debbie Bliss, etc.) and sale yarns, too.

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