The Alpaca Expo

This one was my favorite.  I loved his chocolatey coloring.

A cute little Alpaca Family.

The Helmet Head.

This one was dressing up as a cow for Halloween.  I say that because I’ve never seen a spotty alpaca before…

Now for the stash…




Nope.  I have no pictures for you. I have nothing to show for going to the Alpaca Expo.

It’s sad right? 

So here’s what happened:

I wake up bright and early Sunday Morning.  Bret has said he would go with me.  But I know he;s not too thrilled about it, so I’ve asked his mom.  She was excited to go.  I called her to let her know I would be leaving soon, and would be happy to come pick her up.   But she had come down with the post travel cold/cough.  So I let her off the hook. 

I called my BFF and she (who is so not interested in knitting/fiber realted activities) decided she would rather hold out and see if anyone was going to brunch instead. 

I called my bestie Brooke… who did not answer her phone.

I went back to the bedroom and jumped on Bret. 

Me: “Will you come with me pleaaaasse?”

Bret: “No, I’m too tired, I don’t wanna exert myself too much, because I have that race later”

(A Go Kart race…)

Me: “But you said you would come! (insert pouty face here)”

Bret: “I have to mow the lawn, but you go and have fun.”

Me: “OK… “(pout pout pout) Mutter stuff about broken promises and not loving me… smile and kiss him goodbye.

Then I drove 1/2 hour to Alpaca Expo and take those cute pics of the distressed Alpacas (what funny noises they make!).  I wandered into the vendor tent and found some gorgeous pink Suri Alpaca laceweight. $45 for 875 yrds of Alpaca.  I wanted it bad.  Lo and behold, this is the one vendor who is not accepting credit cards!  I have no cash (ever) and have only just taken my checkbook out of my bag last week.  AND there is no ATM at the expo.  I drive 5 minutes away to the nearest gas station, and I discover that not only do I not have cash or a checkbook… I don’t even have my checkcard.  At this point I decide it’s a sign from God that I really shouldn’t be buying anymore yarn.

At least this arrived in the mail today:

that’s my 11 pounds of yarn…


~ by Brandy on October 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Alpaca Expo”

  1. argh! i can’t believe i missed this. i *love* alpacas!

  2. The alpacas are so cute! Oh my, I guess you weren’t meant to buy yarn there… but your 11 pounds of yarn is there to save the day : )

  3. I wanna cow alpaca!

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