I’m a little more than half done with Bret’s Cobblestone pullover.  I’ve got one sleeve joined to the body and I cast on for the other sleeve late last night and got 2 whole rows done before going to bed… Amazing. 🙂

It’s lovely so far.  I expect to have it finished and blocked before we head out of town for our friends’ wedding next Thursday.  For real this time… A real deadline to work toward.  We know what that means:  I’m doomed!  It looks gorgeous, but I hope the yarn softens up a bit with blocking, it’s kind of itchy by the skin.  But hey, it’s Knit Picks… you get what you pay for.  I went all out with the Seamless Hybrid: super soft, super expensive (for me… knitting for… NOT me)

If I get a chance (yeah right)  I might even suck it up and try to finish Hourglass part deux.  Which really means I’ll have to rip back alot of work (the yoke, and part of both sleeves) And try again.  Stupid thick sleeve pattern.  I don’t want bulky upperarms, it totally detracts from the bell sleeve style I so crave.   But making my hourglass sleeves skinny at the top and having the raglan decreases still work has turned out to be a tricksy little b#%*.  That is the main reason this thing has sat around unfinished since May (?).   I briefly entertained the idea of doing a modified saddle shoulder like Bret’s Seamless Hybrid.   But then I decided that I don’t really want to look like a linebacker and it would be too matchy matchy cutesy wootsy for us.  God forbid we ever forget and wear them at the same time. Blerg.

Also,  If I manage to finish up that Hourglass I will have ONE(1) UFO.  I’m not counting Bret’s unfinished socks (hello 1 month mark!)- they are socks after all – and if sock yarn is not counted as stash, then I don’t think socks can be counted as UFO’s.

Having just one UFO?  Am I really a knitter?  But it’s just so tempting to say that I have no UFO’s that I might just finish that darn scarf (which is actually quite lovely) and have not one UFO, not ONE!

~ by Brandy on October 23, 2007.

One Response to “Pluggin’”

  1. I can’t wait to see your cobblestone! That will be my next project!

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