My eyes knit faster than my hands

I went to pick up the new IK Holiday Gifts last night.

Joy of Joys… 

My Tilli Tomas Disco Lights has a purpose!
The “Little Green Clutch” even calls for my colorway!
I plan to do 2 of them and I’ll probably still have some left over for the Sahara shirt.

I also want to do many of the projects in the mag for actual christmas presents, for other people! Imagine that!

  • One of my friends would adore the December Lights Tam.
  • Kate Gilbert’s Fireside Stockings would be perfect for my friend’s first Christmas with her brand spankin new husband (as of November 3rd)
  • Sock’s for Veronik would be ideal for a friend who mentioned that she had never worn hand knitted socks
  • and a couple of presents for myself of course.

I was also snagged by a pattern book: Holiday Knits by Sara Lucas and Allison Isaacs

The felted Winter tote is my new obsession.  I want it in the gray and blue they show in the book.  My current everyday tote is seriously in need of some TLC, ok really it’s just dirty and I want new NEW NEW! Are you ready for a list?

  • ok, so… the Felted Winter tote. (which may have to wait until after Christmas if I’m going to get any of the other stuff done)
  • Candy Striped Bolster (Also for after Christmas?  I kind of want this one for myself as well)
  • Angora House Socks for…. someone.  Who?  I have no idea.
  • The Holiday Hoodie.  I can picture myself in that with a pair of comfy old jeans sipping coffee by a snowy window.  (But who am I kidding?  It doesn’t snow here…)
  • Cozy Lap Robe
  • Winter Placemats

I think that’s it. 

Lots more than I can probably ever do…  Have any of you seen my Ravelry queue?  it’s at 4 pages with 97(!) projects.  And that’s with only a few of the ones I’ve just listed added… so lets go with 100+ projects. 


~ by Brandy on October 17, 2007.

One Response to “My eyes knit faster than my hands”

  1. Just got that issue last night and haven’t looked through it yet — tonight, for sure! I’m thrilled that there are more projects for the Tilli Tomas fancy-pants yarns, since I have her beaded silk “Rock Star”.

    Looking forward to watching you knit that list! 🙂

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