Suck it up!

That’s what I need to do.  The other half of the Hemlock is blocked and it’s draped on one of my dining chairs pleading to be photographed for your viewing pleasure.  But that’s not what’s happening. What IS happening, is that I either give a disgusted grunt at the sight of it, or a sigh because of the lost time.  Like a horrible movie, I just think, “Wow… I will never get those hours back.” I’ve actually said that about a number of movies.  Which oddly enough seem to be movies I really like after a couple more viewings.  Napolean Dynomite was one.  I just could not figure out why I was still sitting there an hour into the movie.   Now I love and quote the movie often. 

Perhaps this blanket will end up like the movies, but I doubt it.  I am going to roll it up into a nice little log with a raffia ribbon and write my grandmother a note that she is to use it as a lap blanket while playing bridge with her gal pals.  She’ll adore it, and that’s really how handknitting should be treated.  Oh little blanket, you are going to a better place…

One Christmas present down! Score one for the knitters!

Anyhoo…  I promise, I’ll do something with the blanket in the next few days.  I saw a blog the other day, a woman was working on her 4th (FOURTH!!!) Hemlock.  Shoot me in the head… seriously.

Cobblestone is moving right along.  I am really liking how the WotA is knitting up, draping nicely and everything.  I have about 14 inches done on the body.  2 more inches and then it’s sleeve city baby!  I like sleeves… I am an anomaly.  I haven’t yet decided how I will do them.  I would like to do them at the same time, but I haven’t done that before.  I have nightmares that I’ll forget to change yarn and end up knitting multiple rows of sleeves together.

Speaking of knitting nightmares, have any of you dreamt or had nightmares about knitting?  I have.  I have also solved knitting dilemma’s in my sleep, only to jolt awake at the end of the dream knowing exactly what I have to do to fix the problem.  I once was having trouble with a slip stitch ribbing pattern, and I dreamt of all these different ways I could do it.  I could actually see the stitches in my dream moving around on the needles and how they would end up.  My sleepy solution actually worked. 

~ by Brandy on October 16, 2007.

One Response to “Suck it up!”

  1. Oh, yes, I’ve dreamed about knitting. Love it!

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