Hemlock Half-Blocked

Hemlock half-blocked

Originally uploaded by brandy.wolfe

Am I lazy? Or am I just frugal?

I can only block half of this at a time… I ran out of pins, oops!
But it looks pretty right?

I think it’s gorgeous, but I’m really really not in love with it. And that makes me sad 😦
It took alot of yarn, especially towards the end. I have way too many ends to weave in, it’s not very big, and I’ve discovered I don’t like the smell of wet wool. I even used a tiny bit of a lovely scented conditioner when I soaked it, and I still found the smell to be rather disagreeable. Am I a traitor to my craft? ahahaha.

I like it more when I think of a baby blanket, since it is just under the 4 foot width Jared specified. But I HATE it as a throw blanket. I like big lofty blankets that cover my feet.
I think the main problem is that I got swept up in a Hemlock Frenzy. I did originally intend to make it bigger as I indicated in a previous post. But 3 things made me change my mind.
1. My needle was not long enough, and I was not about to go out and buy ANOTHER needle to finish a project I was not enjoying anymore.
2. I repeat… I was not enjoying it anymore
3. I had 3 more balls of the WotA and I could not face having to weave in more ends for what would have only been MAYBE another 6 inches of width.

So I’ll finish blocking it, and then play with it for a little bit, and probably put it away for a future baby.

And the fact that I was hating that I couldn’t see any progress on it made it clear to me, that I am a product knitter rather than a process knitter.
This could have been clear to me sooner if I had noticed the signs.
– I hate doing anything with long rows because I can’t see the progress
– I enjoy seaming (I am maybe crazy) because it gives me a sense of completion.
– I very actively fish for compliments on my finished objects.
– Although I like working in the round, if it’s a sweater, it has to have something going on like increases/decreases, cables, ribbing… something to keep me interested.

~ by Brandy on October 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Hemlock Half-Blocked”

  1. No you are not a traitor to your craft. I’m sorry it didn’t go as you had hoped. I can’t believe you finished it! If I’m not enjoying a project, I usually don’t pick it up after the third try. So congrats on being a finisher!!

    And thanks – I was wondering how I blog something long and/or huge on my blocking board? Just do it piece by piece! Now I know.

  2. If you stopped knitting it because you stopped enjoying knitting, then I hate to tell you, but you’re a process knitter!

    It’s lovely, all the same.

  3. Wow – I think it’s lovely! I probably would have stopped if I didn’t enjoy it so congratulations on finishing!

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