Another non-knitting post.

I did alot of knitting this long weekend.  Thanks Columbus! But I really have nothing to show for it right now.  Tomorrow… promise…

 In the meantime, my long standing interest in quilting is piqued once again.  No, nothing has been done.  But I see more and more gorgeous examples of quilting that I JUST WANT. 

The Purl Color Wheel Quilt featured on The Purl Bee, is my latest crafty crush.  And even more so now, that I would not have to pick out the colors by my lonesome!  They have a premade bundle! OMG.  I so wish I was not broke. 

This, in my opinion would be an IDEAL baby blankie!  And with all the baby-ness running through my head these days, it would be just lovely to add this to the string of baby FOs.  (Did I mention that I made baby socks to match the future husband ribbed socks I’m making for Bret.  Yep… Baby socks finished first! Baby?  Not so much. )

I keep seeing more and more projects from this book, and I have to tell you, I may be breaking out the sewing machine I bought 3 years ago just for the quilting.  And then NEVER used.  Well, I tried to use it once for making Cooper a doggie bed.  But the fabric was too thick and the needles were too puny, and I ended up breaking 3 tips.  So, I hand sewed that sucker.  How cute it was.  But, I digress.

I have loads of these super awesome Japanese fabric fat quarters I purchased on Ebay.  And I really wanted to make a log cabin lap quilt out of them for my grandmother.  (Who better to make your first quilt for right? A grandmother will cherish your work even if it’s the crappiest thing ever created. )  I really loved my idea of using the Japanese fabric for the traditionally American log cabin design.  The juxtaposition appeals to me.  I think she would love it too, she’s American to the core but lived in Japan 2 times for a total of 7 years and she just adores the culture.   

I briefly considered making one for her for this Christmas, but then I see knitting, and all thoughts of completely learning a new craft go right out the window.  But as my list of knitting to-do’s grows exponentially, I see nothing I must have right this second.   So, I may start quilting.  We shall see.


~ by Brandy on October 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Another non-knitting post.”

  1. I have a sewing machine and an overlocker that I haven’t used for years. Seeing that book and that quilt is making me want to blow the cobwebs off the machines and start sewing again. I like the pre-made bundles too, but don’t think I want to suck up the postage (and customs) to get it to the UK.

  2. We’ve got a lot of quilters in our knitting group — Sheddy used to own Quilter’s Corner in Sycamore Square, and she brought several quilty friends with her to our group. I hear the new owners of that shop are wonderful.

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