The Hemlock Blanket

Feather and Fan Stitch

Originally uploaded by brandy.wolfe

Status: Progress is a minimal 5 rows per day. The stockinette rounds are boring and life sucking. And they just get longer and longer. But If I just suck it up, I may be able to finish this sucker in the next week. And that’ll be nice, because it is getting kid of chilly around here. *Happy sigh*
I’m almost done with all the skeins of WotA that I had to reclaim from the minimalist. I’m glad I did, I like the yarn much better in blanket form anyway.
I can’t wait to see it as more than a blob of blue. although finding somewhere to block this thing is going to be a challenge.
Nell is right… it totally looks like a jelly fish when it’s all bunched up on the needle.

*word of the day = “Suck” I didn’t even notice until I was done.


~ by Brandy on October 4, 2007.

One Response to “The Hemlock Blanket”

  1. I just love this. It’s so pretty and the color gives it a kind of dichotomy that I really enjoy.

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