Where Brandy gets drunk…

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See here in this first picture? Not drunk. I am with my godmother. I am NOT drunk. I have my first drink in my hand. It is indeed a vodka tonic. My drink of choice. However, I am NOT drunk.

This is me forshadowing later events apparently.  I do not like rum.  I thought it would be a goofy picture.  Bret told me, that someone told him, that I later drank half of this bottle.  I think they’re lying.  Not only would I be dead… but how would this bottle end up back at our house unopened? There may have been 2 bottles?  I really don’t like rum though. I’m pretty sure if I was doing shots of anything, it was vodka.

My hair is increasingly disheveled.  I have tried to talk my friend into pulling her leg up over her head and also, my drink is about to spill on her.  She was not drunk.  She likes to humor me wheen I am though. I am noticing that this dress looks worse and worse on me. 

I don’t know what to say about this picture… I have no idea how many people were around at this point.  I wonder how many saw my panties. 

Oh my… I just tagged this under the category of wedding.  That means anyone who looks at that tag today could see me wasted at my engagement party….


~ by Brandy on October 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Where Brandy gets drunk…”

  1. You are funny! I get so silly when I’m drunk too. I don’t get that way often and it’s never on purpose. I’m usually really tired and I just don’t keep track of my intake. Ah well. Still looks like a fun party!!

  2. Hmmmmm…. You willingly posted these on the internet, for all the world to see…. Here’s hoping that doesn’t come back to bite you where the sun don’t shine….

  3. Aww, I wish I could’ve been there, stupid DC Fashion Week!

  4. Too funny. Luckily I left my camera in the car during the aftermath of MY engagement party!

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