About that…

Remember my post, not long ago… where I said I was super susceptible to infomercials. 

Well, this time… The Firm got me. 

Stupid workout video people.  I called their little number(stupid), gave them my info (really stupid), and then got fed up with the phone call which was getting to be about 20 minutes.  How is it an impulse buy if it takes longer than 20 minutes?  So, I hung up.   I called the Customer Service number about an hour later (when they opened) and tried to make sure my order didn’t go through. 

They said it wasn’t in the computer yet, and to try back in a couple days. 

I got an email saying my order had been processed and would ship out in a couple days.  It also said, I would receive an email when it left the warehouse. 

As, this had gone WAY beyond an impulse buy, to super buyers remorse, I called the Customer Service number to cancel.  I didn’t figure this would be a problem as the package HAD NOT EVEN LEFT THE WAREHOUSE YET.

I was wrong.  Apparently, the package left the warehouse right after I got my confirmation email.  Where was my shipping email? And why the HELL was I being charged $119.70 when the ads and the stupid automated phone thingy told me it would be 2 payments of $29.95 plus $19.95 S&H? 

Did you know that if you hang up the phone because you no longer want the stupid product, the automated ordering system “does what it wants with your information”

Let me repeat that: 


That’s in quotes because that’s what the customer service people said to me.

The first person I spoke with, basically ignored, me, and when I politely asked to speak with her supervisor (I swear, I was polite), she told me that she WAS the supervisor.   — ANGER ENSUES

I called again.  At this point, I had calmed myself and was polite again.  I spoke with another person.  She was at least pleasant.  She apologized profusely for the inconvenience but confirmed that the phone thingy “does what it wants with your information” (which apparently means that it charges me for everything the damn company sells.)   She however did manage to speak with her supervisor (Imagine that) and got me a refund on the S&H. 

I am still not happy. 

I have written a letter to the Customer Service people in Colorado.

I have written a letter to the president of the company that owns the Firm.

I have written a letter to the executive VP of the company.

I have called the regular VP.

I don’t even give a crap anymore about the extra charge. (I lie, I do care) But I wrote to everyone regarding the horrendous customer service and the fact that in a day of rampant identity theft, they charged stuff to my card without my consent.

I’ll be getting a new credit card shortly.


~ by Brandy on September 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “About that…”

  1. Holy crap, shop online instead, it’s much safer;)

  2. That would have pissed me off severely. Last I understood it, hanging up was NOT CONSENT to charge a credit card. *sigh* I’m sorry that happened and hopefully it will get resolved quickly.

  3. I find that after midnight, those informercials seem awfully enticing. Especially the ones for the music or DVD collections.

    Call your credit card company NOW and tell them that you want to cancel the charge. Don’t take no for an answer. THEN call the infomercial people back and tell them you canceled the charge. Do this only so that they can’t say that you did something wrong if you get the item anyway. If you do get it, don’t open it — just write “REFUSED – RETURN TO SENDER” and stick it back in the mailbox.

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