Behold: A Doily

Hemlock Ring Blanket – Row 46Originally uploaded by brandy.wolfe

It turns out that heathered yarns are spectacularly difficult to photograph. I bet it doesn’t help that I haven’t had a camera to photograph this during daylight hours either. Out of maybe 10 photos, this is closest to showing the colors in the Sapphire Heather Wool of the Andes.

In this picture I was up to row 46, the row right before Jared’s chart begins. I think I’ve done maybe 20 or 25 more rows now. I’ve finished up another ball of yarn. I think this will only take 5 or 6 of them.

The more I complete, the prettier it gets, although I’ve been wondering how practical a round blanket is though. I wonder if there’s some way to oval-ize it or squar-ify it. I might play around with it the next time I knit it. After all, knitting is not necessarily about practicality. I mean really… how could you think so when there are patterns like this and this floating around? Fun, maybe.  Practical? No.

In other news: The Shetland is blocking. I bound off last night, right after dinner with the future in-laws. I got home to block it, soaked it and pinned out the neck edge and lo and behold… I bound off WAY TO TIGHT to even think of stretching it out to a semi normal edge. So what did miss impatient (me) do? I carefully ripped out my bound off edge (still wet) and redid it, knitting with wet yarn. FUN.

It’s now happily blocking it’s little silky butt off pinned to the futon. And re-working the bind off edge gave me an idea to do a little something special. I hope it works. It looks pretty in my head!

~ by Brandy on September 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Behold: A Doily”

  1. That yarn is gorgeous.

    To squarify — couldn’t a person do some sort of mitered square maneuver on the edges, perhaps, to make corners? Or maybe pick up a few stitches on each “side” of the circle, and knit back and forth and increase at the end of each round….hmmmm…. not sure where I’m going with this…. Smarter (mathy) people than I would need to figure this out!

  2. I’m sure there are many ways you could ovalify or squarify the hemlock ring blanket. — would be a fun project to figure out! Can’t wait to see your Shetland!

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