Consider it Frogged…

Well, since my order from Webs fell through – the yarn was meant for the Hemlock Ring Blanket –  I decided to find another, stash friendly, way to create the beauty that is the blankie.  And No More Waiting!  I keep getting cold sitting on the couch, and although I have a weakness for throw blankets, it seamed that they were all either, upstairs (lazy), in use (dog), covered in pet hair (cat and dog), or packed up (from the last time I felt like putting stuff in the attic). 

And then I realized that I have about 1100 yard of Wool of the Andes in a lovely Sapphire Heather blue.  Not exactly what I was imagining for the Hemlock, but it’s already here and I know I have the needles for it, and well… before I knew it, I had 33 rounds done.   Granted, about 4 balls of this was making up the Minimalist Cardigan.  What better motivation to frog than to immediately cast on again?

It’s a bit kinky now, but I know it’ll block out nicely.  And since the only size 8 needles I have are 2 sets of dpns and one 32″ circ, I have ALOT of dpns on that blankie right now.  It’s like a porcupine.  And I am absolutely loving it. 

The pattern moves quickly, and I’m planning on making it bigger than just a lap blanket,  I’m planning a full on, napping on the couch, sized blanket. (I’ll be curled up, but it’ll still be bigger)

 I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough left over to make this cute little crocheted cropped jacket I found on Ravelry. 

That’s right, I said crochet.


~ by Brandy on September 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Consider it Frogged…”

  1. Way to make lemonade out of lemons! Crochet, huh?

  2. Hemlock will be lovely in the Sapphire heather Wool of the Andes — great idea!

    I need to learn how to do more than just use crochet for edgings…

  3. Sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous! can’t wait to see some pics,

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