Roll Call

I usually finish stuff pretty fast.  I think I’m stalled.  When I don’t have a new FO to show fairly frequently I start to lag. 

So here’s what I’ve got.

  • 85% complete: Hourglass (Part II) languising on my stash shelves since May.  I had run out of yarn (despite having bought an extra AND using a contrasting color for the hems)… how did that happen?)  I finally was able to locate some of the same on ebay.  Thank goodness.   But the raglan decreases were not working.  I didn’t want bulky upper arms so I didn’t do the increases like it told me to.  Apparently this eff-ed up the works and the neckline wants to be off the shoulder if I try to keep the decreases starting where the arms join the body.   Can we say discouraging?  I know I’lll have to rip back and increase at least a little bit on the arms, maybe move the decreases in towards the body by at least one stitch each side.  But I still love the color. AND it’s cool out now.
  • 75% complete:  That Wavy Lace Scarf I started oh, about 2 years ago.   It had humble beginnings of being a swatch for a project I decided I didn’t want to do.  It moves 4 or 5 rows every couple months.  It’s not really portable as it’s one of the last projects I worked on that I actually used regular straight needles .  The needles are very long and generally a pain in the ass.  This project, being a 20 or so row lace pattern has indefinitely stolen my row counter.   I should probably suck it up and finish it just because it’s being greedy.
  • 60% complete: Seasilk Shetland Triangle.  I am trying to complete at least one pattern repeat of this per day.  It takes longer and   l o n g e r   to do this.  I suppose this is the nature of the triangular shawl beast though.  I am very worried that I’ll knit past the point where I need to start doing the edging chart rather than the main chart and then have to tink back god-knows-how-many rows.   I may have to do something drastic and use a lifeline.  I am a foolish knitter and have never used a lifeline, much to my (more frequent than I would like to admit) dismay.
  • 55% complete: The failed Minimalist Cardigan.  I really am going to rip this out, I just haven’t gotten up the guts to do it yet. 
  • 20% complete: Future Husband Socks – plugging away.  A row here, a row there.  It’s easy and calming knitting.  But like I knew it would be, the plain ribbed sock is less than inspiring.  But he’ll appreciate them.

Maybe the list will help me out of the stall (which I don’t get because I work diligently on some kind of knitting each day – stupid long shawl rows.)

I just ordered yarn to do the Hemlock Blanket.  Super Sale!  I got about 1000 yards of worsted.  Under $20!  I desparately hope the yarn is halfway decent.  If not, I’ll sue!  I mean… get a refund! And also… realize that unless I know I can expect quality yarn, I will just not buy it online.


~ by Brandy on September 19, 2007.

One Response to “Roll Call”

  1. Boy do I know this feeling! Glad to know I’m not the only one with a hibernating or WIP that’s lasted for more than a year! Thanks for making me feel better. I’m thinking 2008 will be the year of finishing projects – not starting them. Hmmmm. Wonder if I’ll be able to maintain that ideology.

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