It’s Almost FALL.

How freekin exciting is that? 

Are all you knitters out there tossing aside your cotton projects for the warmer wools, and alpacas, and cashmeres? Do tell. 

I got a double dose of the “cold is coming” warm and fuzzies this morning.  I was listening to my Sirius radio on the way to work and Adam Sandler’s Hannuka song came on.  Now, I am not Jewish, but I love all holiday songs.  I listen to Christmas songs like a crazy lady.  I got so excited one time when I found a semi-local radio station that only plays christmas music. 

Anyway, It made me think of Christmas, and I got all excited.  I love Christmas but really I don’t remember the last time I got that feeling about the impending Holidays.  It was a sudden rush.  It was like I was 5 again.  It was amazing. 

It made me want to knit. more.

It made me want to knit glorious colorful sweaters, and mitts (yes more endpapers, the last ones weren’t for me), mittens (because this pattern has been waiting for me since january), hats, and all those other good and wonderful things that come along with cold weather. 

Because really, aren’t fall and winter clothes SO much cuter that spring and summer clothes?!!?


~ by Brandy on September 17, 2007.

2 Responses to “It’s Almost FALL.”

  1. This is my favorite time of year, so I share your enthusiasm. Perhaps my knitting funk will pass, now that it’s not oppressively hot, and I can pick up all those UFOs and finish them….

  2. I was all ready to knit one last summer top (Molly Ringwald from Knitscene), when we had a chillier snap here. I think I’ll be waiting till next year on that one!

    It definitely sounds good to have a nice warm sweater to work on.. I just have to choose which one.

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