Drastic Fantastic

On Tuesday arrives the much anticipated (at least by me) second album of amazingly talented KT Tunstall.  It’s titled: Drastic Fantastic.  I’ve had it pre-ordered on iTunes for over a month.  I listen to the only song that’s been pre released about 4 times per day (ok, maybe not that many.)

I think it might be absolutely appropriate that it’s coming out on tuesday, because I am coming close to doing something DRASTIC. 

You know how I stalled on the Minimalist Cardigan? “Too stiff” “Too sturdy” “The neckband rows are bigger than the linen stitch rows” “I’m angry…” etc. etc. 

I have been arguing with myself over the neckband. 

I thought at first: “The stockinette edges will be fine, I kind of like the roll” 

Now: I still kind of like the roll, but with the stupid sturdiness of the linen stitch, the stockinette is wimpy and too drapey by comparison.  I’ve tried matching the bottom ribbing for the collar.  I’ve tried a 1 row/column border of moss stitch to keep it from rooling, hoping that would work. I’ve tried to tell myself, to no avail, (because I know it’s not possible) “The stockinette wont roll too much. I’ve tried smaller needles, I’ve tried bigger needles. And I am plain fed up with this cardigan. 

I am going to rip out 2.5 weeks of work, because of the stupid neckband. 

AND, if I ever do this cardigan again I’ll suck it up and buy the Alpaca Silk.


~ by Brandy on September 16, 2007.

One Response to “Drastic Fantastic”

  1. Sorry you had to rip out your Minimalist Cardigan… you’ve provided a good warning for me though, as I’m thinking of knitting it and will be sure to use a drapier yarn if I do.

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