Eye Candy Friday: Fiber Flashing!

Disco Lights

Originally uploaded by brandy.wolfe

I think that this is the most gorgeous yarn in my stash. I bought it at Purl Soho last December – it’s a souvenir yarn.I wisely chose to buy 2 skeins as one would not have been nearly enough to do anything with. Nothing of substance, nothing to really showcase it’s beauty – at least in my opinion.Unfortunately it has languished in the stash, I pet it and tell it I love it frequently, so I hope it doesn’t feel neglected. I search and search for the perfect project. I am seriously considering Sahara, but this means I would have to find another yarn that matches it just so. Or, at the very least, compliments it.
I have considered a mini shawl or capelet of some sort- this strikes me as the kind of thing that would be gorgeous over a black dress at the opera or something. But I haven’t found any shawl or capelet patterns worthy of it.

I fear it may be yarn that is forever designated as “core stash” (so dubbed by the Yarn Harlot). Stash which is too precious, beautiful and rare that it never finds a worthy pattern.

While I do love it that much, I hope this does find it’s way to being something even more beautiful than it is now.


~ by Brandy on September 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Eye Candy Friday: Fiber Flashing!”

  1. That yarn is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. There is a really pretty scarf pattern in Annie Modesitt’s new “Rowantic handknits” book that calls for two skeins of disco lights… that’s what I’m planning on using my two skeins of Jade for. But I agree… I keep thinking “Is this worthy of my pretty yarn?”

  3. I’m in a similar boat, as I have two hanks of Tilli Tomas Rock Star in Jade — very similar except that I think yours has sequins, and mine has beads. I, too, have been looking for the perfect project, and not just anything will do for this gorgeous yarn. I don’t like the idea of just a plain eyelet scarf (YO, k2tog repeatedly) because the eyelets would distract from the bling in the yarn, I think, and be too ordinary. I’m not sure lace is the answer — I think a mostly stockinette ground might be best.

    However, I DID find a Tilli Tomas quilted silk bag liner (you know — the kind that has the metal grommets where you start knitting the bag) at Lettuce Knit recently that matches my yarn perfectly, so it may very well become that.

    I will have to check out that new Annie Modesitt book, though….

  4. That’s gorgeous stuff! I’m sure you’ll figure out something amazing to make out of it eventually, and until then it’s stunning in the skein!

  5. […] Someone up there must like me.  I had been searching for a project that would be perfect for the Disco lights in my stash.  And that little clutch in IK Holiday is nice and all, but really, it doesn’t hold a candle […]

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