And then my light bulb went on.

You know… that light bulb you have over your head that switches on and in a blaze of glory you know what you have to do? This is also referred to as the ” ‘aha!’ moment”

My lightbulb went on, not 3 minutes ago, when I was responding to a ravelry inquiry about the Minimalist Cardigan. 

I was talking about my choice to use linen stitch rather than the moss stitch which the pattern calls for.  I thought about how the linen stitch and the stockinette border are just not matching up.  And then I found myself typing out an idea that hadn’t yet crossed my mind.  It was like my fingers (those clever knitting fingers) knew what they had to do.

I have to rip out the front that I’ve been working on.  All 8 or so inches of it.

Then, I have to reknit it.  But not in the same manner.  I have to reknit just the linen stitch portion.  And then, I have to knit the stockinette border and seam them together. 

Extra seams dont bother me.  What is bothering me now is that I knit about 8 inches, all the while stretching and pulling on the linen stitch to try and see if it would ever cooperate.  I started doing something like short rows to try and make up for the difference.  This of course left little holes where the stockinette was suppsoed to join seamlessly.  I got frustrated. 

And now… I know. 

~ by Brandy on September 11, 2007.

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