At work once more…

This time with SOCK YARN.  It’s been a long time since I made a pair of socks.  And I’ve had quite enough of the blue cardigan for now thank-you-very-much. 

I’m fighting with the right front, as it seems (and I should have known this) that the linen stitch which I am so in love with does NOT in any way, shape, or form, match up to the same number of corresponding stockinette rows.  This makes for quite the droopy front panel of what is going to turn out to be an otherwise very crisp and clean lined cardigan.  I’m playing with some possible solutions before I go and do something drastic like ripping out 2 weeks of work. 

Of course, If I were to do that… I might be able to talk myself into the Alpaca Silk I am so lusting over. 

Should it be some kind of indication that I *keep* talking about doing this cardigan in Alpaca Silk?

Until I decide exactly which drastic measure to take on the cardigan I am going to make my future husband a lovely pair of socks.   The problem with this is that I don’t know exactly what pattern to do.  The yarn is Sundara Sock yarn in the now discontinued “Lime and Cilantro” colorway.   Honestly, I thought it was going to be a more structured dye job, super skinny stripes, or even just tiny lines/hints of stripes.  I started a pattern last night, not necessarily because I had thought much about whether the yarn would look good in the pattern or vice versa, but because I liked the pattern.  But, after about 10 rounds I realized that this yarn is nothing like I thought it would be. 

The bext word I can think of to describe it is : Splotchy.

I still love the colors of course, but I don’t know how to best show this yarn.  I think it would absolutely swallow any type of lace or cable pattern.  But I am not keen on doing just a plain stockinette sock. 

I was contemplating the Sidewinder Sock .  It’s essentially stockinette, but since the construction is so different I don’t think I would get bored.  And, I’m not one to shy away from grafting.

Yes, I could do a plain ribbed sock… but I don’t wanna!

I wanna do complicated cables and lace, and fun things like fish scales a la Pomatomus. (I seriously considered doing another pair as there are splotchy fish out there)

Next time I’m sock yarn shopping I really MUST remember that there are LOTS AND LOTS of patterns I want to do that would really look best in a SOLID color yarn.

So, readers and lurkers, and friends of such (should you choose to ask them as well), what pattern would best suit a lovely lime /dark green splotchy sock yarn?



~ by Brandy on September 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “At work once more…”

  1. I had so many sock patterns saved in my “Socks” folder on my old (crashed) computer. I was able to get that data off, but don’t feel like messing with it until I get the new computer (sometime this week). I kept meaning to divide my sock patterns into “solid”, “lace”, “variegated”, for this exact type of question. Otherwise, I’m forced to look at each and every one, whenever I’m pondering a sock yarn.

    I do have some purchased sock patterns on hand, and a few that might look good with variegated yarns are:

    * Circle of Friendship socks (HeartStrings pattern)
    * Rainy Day socks (HeartStrings)
    * Isosceles socks (Wildhorse Farm Designs – Looopy Ewe)
    * Parallel socks (Wildhorse)
    * Rococo socks (Wildhorse)

    Also, I might suggest the Charade socks (free pattern) — see examples on Ravelry.

    May I suggest checking out SockBug’s sock patterns? Either on her blog, or out on Ravelry? She’s got several that are great for variegated yarns, I think.


  2. I do think (at least, I theorize) that the yarn would look very cool as a Sidewinder…

  3. I love this colorway! I got the last four skeins she had of worsted weight, and will be casting on for a Clapotis soon. (Openwork in columns works well with the splotches.) It would be awesome as a Potamus (a very speckled fish), and I think either Charade or Hedera would be good as well. Of the three, I’d probably pick Hedera…

  4. I thought the latest-seen-everywhere Monkey socks would be great with small splotches of color-sock yarn. Or a feather-fan type of pattern?

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