Labor Day weekend of Knitting Love

I received the Knit Picks order I made, only 4 days after they said it shipped!  WOOOHOOO.  Their email said it would be 5-14 days! Very Nice.

And then, how could I resist casting on for the Minimalist Cardigan?  I do have a picture of what I have completed, it’s just not uploaded on flickr yet, so I can’t put it in here, since I’m in hell work.  I’ll attempt to remember to upload some stuff during lunch.  But I am amazed at how far a ball of Wool of the Andes will go.  1 single ball made up a rectangle (part of the back) of 19 1/2 inches x 7 inches.  I think this may have something to do with the stitch pattern I decided to use.  I ambeing a super rebel and going against the pattern!  It’s not like a major structural alteration or anything, but I decided not to use moss stitch as the main stitch pattern.  Instead I am using linen stitch.  Which I am totally infatuated with.  It’s so pretty and even looking.  I keep speading out the whole thing and just admiring the way it looks.  I am a bit concerned about the sturdiness of the fabric though.  And I don’t know whether I should attribute this to the yarn, which is a bit stiff, or to the stitch pattern, which is a bit sturdy.  I am planning on finishing the back and blocking it to check the drape before I continue with the other pieces.   It would be miserable to have a stiff cardigan. 

I also have another FO to show you.  Also with no pictures yet.  Darn this thing called work! I am all about the stashbusting lately, so I used MORE of the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino I had laying around (Red and Brown) and made a cute headband/earwarmer thing.  I designed it myself.  I felt oh so special.  It’s blocking right now.  It should be dry by the time I get home for lunch.  And I’ll try to do my own modeling session for your viewing pleasure.  I also charted out the pattern I was using. So if you think I should put it on here/Ravelry I was condering doing that.  I’ve already made a brief search for a similar design and haven’t come up with anything, so here’s hoping!

 I sure have planned alot for my lunch hour today, I hope I get some of it done.

In regards to the stashbusting, Ravelry sure has inspired me.  I was resisting cataloguing my stash.  I’m not sure why.  I suspect it’s partly because so much of my stash is from my early days of knitting (lots of acrylic/novelty yarns) or is alot of leftover sock yarn.  I add to my “stash” rarely now, and generally buy for specific projects, which works as I tend to have fewer things on the needles than many knitters.  If I do buy something that is considered stash it’s a yarn I feel very strongly about: Color, texture, the way it makes me imagine things I could design for it.  I know you knitters can relate.  In these cases I try to buy enough (or what I think is enough) to make whatever it is it makes me daydream about. 

Anyway… I got a bit off topic. 

So I cleaned out the yarn room over the weekend too (Bret has this problem with cleaning: instead of putting stuff where it goes or finding a place for it, he just shoves it into the yarn room. This is a big problem for me)  I’ve told him and have kept my word, that anything that doesn’t belong in there is going in the trash after 2 months.  He’s lost a couple of things after this weekend, and I hope it’ll help him learn that Yarn does not mix with dusty things he throws at it.  Oil and Water.

Damn… Off topic again….

Okay, Ravelry.  I catalogued alot (not all) of my stash.  And I have renewed my interest in alot of the yarns and am searching for patterns that I think would suit them.  The problem with this, is that I would have to buy some patterns/yarn to use up alot of what I have, or I have to get serious about creating something new.  And I have found that I am excited about that possibility.


~ by Brandy on September 4, 2007.

One Response to “Labor Day weekend of Knitting Love”

  1. That’s the best part of Ravelry — all the possibilities it opens up. Looking forward to your headband pattern! 🙂

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