It’s My Wednesday and I’ll Randomize it if I Wanna…

  • Wow, thanks everyone for the sympathy on stupid restaurants! FYI for those in Richmond, the restaurant was The Martini Kitchen and Bubble Bar.  (On Main and Meadow near VCU).  Great ambiance though.  Next time I go (because our friends have decided it’s their new most favorite place in the whole world) I will have a single martini – The plus about this, is that the martinis are the size of your head.
  • I’ve had the new STR club yarn for about a week now.  I like the yarn, but I’m avoiding it because I’m not sure I like the pattern.  I was contemplating saving the skein until the next one comes in.  And If I’m not overjoyed with that pattern… I may hop on the chevron scarf band wagon.  Baaaaaah.
  • I went on a Knit Picks mini shopping spree.  That was fun.  And so satisfying.  I’ll be doing the minimalist cardigan for the bargain basement price of $19.90. Wool of the Andes: Sapphire. Thank you very much.
  • Bret was so pleased with his sweater that he is now REQUESTING more hand knits.  He wants another hat – with a “46” in intarsia on the brim.  The 46 being an homage to his favorite motorcycle racer of all time: Valentino Rossi.  Also, he was wondering if I could make a sweater along the same lines.  I informed him that I could, but reminded him that he probably would not wear it often.  He said he would wear it to the race we are planning on attending during the honeymoon.  I informed him that May/June in Italy would be a wee bit way too hot for a wool sweater with no shade. P.S. Yarn for the hat has been purchased. 
  • P.P.S. He wants the Cobblestone Pullover in IK… The man has become a glutton for his handknits.  I didn’t even ask him if he liked it.  He saw it when I was flipping through the magazine and said, “I like that sweater, you should knit it for me.” I about fell off my chair.
  • I’ve officially put in my so-not-2-week notice here at work.  I’m giving them until October 24th.  That’s 25 days more than my original intended last day.  But… I don’t know when I will have health insurance after this, as I will likely be broke for a while.  Really Really Really Broke.  So I decided to make sure to get all my doctor appts in before I leave.  They were all full through September.  Curses.
  • I missed knit night… I couldn’t face the doughnut holes.  I’ve gained quite a bit of weight back… ummm almost 15 pounds since December.  Bad Bad Brandy…

~ by Brandy on August 29, 2007.

One Response to “It’s My Wednesday and I’ll Randomize it if I Wanna…”

  1. Ugh! Weight issues are the bane of my existence! There’s a group on Ravelry for knitters who are trying to lose weight and I just couldn’t bring myself to join. I’d rather fail, succeed, fail again, succeed, succeed, succeed, and then fail miserably yet again in private.

    Congrats on your yarn purchase. I’m really wanting to try their superwash merino. One of these days…

    Do we already know why you’re quitting? I can search to find out. 🙂 I once gave a six week notice, to be nice. NEVER AGAIN. But I completely understand needing to do it for medical insurance. Be sure to get a few teeth capped too. Just in case.

    And finally – so???? Did he leave 200? Or get change???? I’m dying to know?

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