I’ve come unknitted…

Apparently I forgot how to measure a guage swatch in ribbing.  To the point where the shrug I completed last night is, oh, about…7 inches too wide. That’s a whole lotta wrong.  That’s a whole lotta extra knitting.  It still looked good, but it was not as close fitting as I would have liked. 

I also would have just kept it the way it was and said, “eh, you live and learn.” But I got many compliments on it last night (because I actually wore it in the outside world – too big.) It went well with the dress I decided to wear.  I would definitely wear it again. 

But, it started to get saggy, and eventually I had to take it off.  So I had to go through the tedious process of untinking a sewn bind off (Which by the way… I LOVE. Thanks EZ!) And now I am starting it over.  Casting on a mind boggling 40 less stitches. 

I know, the guage swatch… I may have been enthralled in a movie? Maybe I was tipsy?  maybe I was just so desperate to CO for a new project I rushed?  Whatever it was (not tipsy, I wasn’t drinking that night) I did not follow proper knitting protocol.

Oh knitting gods, forgive me my knitting transgressions!

~ by Brandy on August 28, 2007.

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