I may be a glutton for punishment…

But I am not stupid.

Just slow sometimes.

If you happened to glance at my Ravelry page yesterday, you saw that I had cast on for the Minimalist Cardigan from IK Fall ’07.  In my notes I not only admitted that my guage was a teeny bit  alot off. I also admitted that I doubted that I had enough yarn. 

I stand by my belief that the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk would have made an absolutely luxurious cardigan.  I just know, now, that I would have had many tears if I had the whole darn thing done and ran out halfway through the second sleeve.  And this is not exactly a yarn I could have bought more of.  I purchased this yarn on ebay, 2 years ago.  I am sure, that if they are still making the color, it would not match the yarn in my stash at all. 

I decided to knit up JUST ONE BALL, to see how far it would go.  4 inches up the back.  That’s all.  That means I would have needed 3 balls just to get to the armhole shaping.  And then we’ll be really really generous and say 4 balls for the whole back.  And then 4 balls for the front (again really really generous).  This leaves only 2 balls for both sleeves. 

I am not stupid.

I ripped that sucker out and looked through every project I have in my queue and every possible project I have ever entertained the idea of knitting in all my pattern books and magazines.  I found nothing that it would have truly suited that tickled my fancy.

It’ll just have to wait.  Maybe the Vogue or IK for winter will have something promising for a lovely super soft teal yarn.

~ by Brandy on August 21, 2007.

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