On such wonderful diversions…

Well, it turns out I was unable to actually set Ravelry aside.  I should have known better.  I haven’t had the time or the energy to start taking pictures for the stash section.  All in good time.  At this point I’m still obsessed with finding all the fun new patterns to knit.  Take Lelah.  So Cute.  (Also pictureless as of yet).  But it’s in a wonderful Violet color in Cotton Ease.

BTW… I’d heard lots of bad stuff about Cotton Ease.  I’m rather enjoying working with it.   I find that the end product is almost a velvety texture. 

Okay knitters… don’t go poking me with your DPNs.  I know I know, there’s acrylic in it.  So sue me.  But I just Love Love LOVE the way it feels.  I think I may be sick.  It must be all the heat.  If it was just about 30 degrees cooler I might normalize and seek out the wool.

Back to Lelah: I’ve done alot different with it since the yarn I chose didn’t knit up anywhere near the guage that was in the pattern.  I knitted 2! Whole! Swatches!  A 5×5 swatch (2 lace pattern repeats in each direction) and a stockinette swatch.  Not only did I knit them.  I blocked them too. 

This is a whole new path for me.  Swatching and blocking?  Before ever casting on?  I really really must be much to hot.  Where are those smelling salts?! 🙂

Anyhoo… rather than the 8/9 repeats around that it called for I had to do 11.  And I’m only doing eyelet holes for the ribbon every 3 stitches.  Of course I am kinda winging it when it comes to the stockinette section.  Where better to just go “Eh… I’ll keep trying it on, it’ll turn out eventually”  I was even considering doing bust darts for additional support.  I’m fancy.


~ by Brandy on August 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “On such wonderful diversions…”

  1. I’ve never tried Cotton Ease, but I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about it (and some negative, of course). If you are enjoying it, that’s all that matters, right! Re-Ravelry: I love seeing all the patterns and the different ways people have interpreted them.

  2. I think acrylic blends are better than 100% acrylic.

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