I have always been one to try the latest and greatest big thing. 

I have also always been the one to get scared off of it quickly.

Take Ravelry.

It looks like fun.

It sounds like fun.

I tried it.

I am so overwhelmed that I’m putting it away for a couple weeks before going back.

There is so much to look at, and do, and plan, and photograph, etc etc. 

I cannot handle it right now.

Can NOT.

I am barely sleeping lately. I have never had problems sleeping.

I am nearly biting off the heads of bunnies as they hop across my front lawn.

I am very VERY pissy.

I hope I get over it soon.


~ by Brandy on August 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Overwhelmed…”

  1. I had to do the same thing when I got my invite — I had to wait a week or so to start using it, it just seemed so overwhelming.

    But that’s the beauty of Ravelry — it’ll still be there (God & Jessica & Casey willing) for when you’re ready to play. The nice thing is, you don’t HAVE to upload ANYTHING for it to still be a very useful tool, thanks to all the other people who have uploaded their yarn, patterns and projects.

    Take your time and start slow. First add your books — that’s easy and quick. Then add a few projects — you probably already have pictures of those and details of them on your blog, so it won’t require digging through all your yarn stash.

    Add yarn to your stash when you feel like it — it might have to wait until the temperature drops to a tolerable level. I know the last thing I want to do right now is be out on my front porch taking yarn photos in this heat.

    For pissyness and sleeplessness, turn down the A/C at night so you’re cool and can sleep. And “try” not to stress about the wedding. And wait a few days to see if hormones settle down a bit — I know I’m always very irritable on “certain” days.

  2. I felt the exact same way when I happened upon Ravelry. You are not alone. I’ve chatted to a couple people and they’ve said the same thing. It’s such a good thing that at first, it feels like too much a good thing. Look, not to rub it in (wink) but I have a lot of free time on my hands and I still felt overwhelmed. If I were working and planning a WEDDING, I’d leave it till later too. Fear not dear friend. How do you eat an elephant? Well, first of all, yuck! But if forced, one bite at a time and when you damn well feel like it!

  3. It took me several weeks to get anything much up on Ravelry after I received my invite. Definitely don’t worry about it — it will only be better by the time you feel like making use of it. … and be sure to give the lawn bunnies a wide berth, so you won’t be tempted to chomp!

  4. Hello, new to your blog, but I’m so inspired by your projects. I had to run out and make Saartje’s booties after seeing your darling ones!

    Anywho, I am definitely overwhelmed on ravelry. I’m not so much a person who chats on message boards, after a few lousy experiences. So I have tried to be choosy about which ones I frequent. I love the orginizational aspect, and the ability to see what knitted garments look like on real people instead of airbrushed magazine models….unfortunately between sewing and knitting, I have so many ideas that I will never get them all done!

    Neat Blog, btw, yours is one of the first ones I check every day 🙂

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